Kommetjie Ceramics studio

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The making of pottery in Africa began around the 7th millennium BC and continues to this day in the various regions

of the continent.

What l teach:

If you are a beginner I run a four week beginners course where I will teach you the techniques of hand building. 

These include:

1. Pinch Pots

 2. Coiling

 3. Slab Work

 4. Draping

 5. Decoration

If you are an advanced potter

you will have access to a fully equiped studio with good lighting. n.b. no wheel.

Alternative Firings

Sawdust, Saggar and Pit Firing

When are the classes?

Tuesday Evenings:        18h45 to 21h30
Thursday Mornings:      09h30 to 12h30
Friday Mornings:           09h30 to 12h30