Kommetjie Ceramics

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In Africa the making of pottery began around the 7th millennium BC and continues to this day in the various regions of the continent. 

Fragments of ancient pottery found in southern China turn out to date back 20,000 years, making them the world’s oldest known pottery — 2,000 to 3,000 years older than examples found in East Asia and elsewhere.

... SWEET  INSPIRATION ... the ancient craft and art of pottery ... 

to connect with earth. to create with our hands bowls, platters, plates, cups, vases, boxes to hold food, liquid, plants, flowers and whatever we can imagine. 

To be able to form sculptures of animals, birds, people, trees and stars. 

to sculpt social commentary. whatever we can imagine.

To discover that solid colour and washed rawness are both awesome. to learn that clay is a body that can be smooth or textured. A body that is carved with patterns or random marks or splashed with glaze.  

However we like it ... realistic or abstract ... it's all interpretation. 

it's in the doing.  it's in the mistakes and it's in the success.  

Aside from developing her own skills Jenny opens her studio to the public twice a week to learn how to create with clay.
Her ceramics can be found at galleries in Cape Town and at the bi-annual Ceramics SA Western Cape Rondebosch Potters Market.